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i-Regist is a Web-based Registration Management System, The general users or members can be use one stop service for registration.  Administrator can add unlimited projects/events and manage based data such as Member Type, Rate, Service Charge, Room, Places etc.  The system can install within your website (Joomla, WordPress or Drupal).

Features for Admin 

ü Setup based data such as Member Type, Fee, Place, Room, Course, Service Charge, Food Type etc.

ü Multi-Languages Supported

ü Member Profile Record

ü Create unlimited Project or Event

ü Banner

ü Group registration by using excel loader

ü Approve New Member / Renew

ü Confirm registration

ü Print the Report such as Name Card, Attendee name list, Invoice, Receipt, Certificate etc.

ü Link the Google Map / Google Form

ü Summary Cash Flow by Projects


Features for Member or General Users

ü Application Member (Self Service)

-            Apply

-            Edit profile

-            Print the invoice

-            Change password

-            Forget password

-            Member card


ü Registration (Self Service)

-            Select Project

-            Print the invoice

-            Group Registration by using excel loader


ü Checking

-            Query registration history

-            Payment confirmation (Upload pay-in slip)

-            Edit name and address for printing their receipt

-            Print registration details (with QR Code)


ü Payment

-            Bank Transfer

-            PromptPay

-            Credit Card


Youtube Channel : i-Regist By IGENCO


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